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Fallen - Celeste Bradley FALLEN is the story of the very plain, but sweet and kind, Izzy Temple and Julian Blackworth, handsome and a bit of a playboy. The story starts off with Julian seducing Izzy in her bed while the two are at a house party -- except he thinks she's someone else and she's so frightened that she knocks him unconscious with a candelabra, bringing everyone at the house party running to her room to see what all the noise is about. Izzy and Julian are forced into a sham betrothal to satisfy his father, who has threatened to disinherit him for despoiling an innocent virgin.

This is a very cute story. Izzy has a delightful -- sweet and kind without being cloying or forced -- personality. She is rather plain-looking, and I *loved* that, even when she is made over with new clothes and a hairstyle, she's still plain. But, of course, Julian gradually comes to think of her as quite beautiful (even though he's alone in that opinion). Julian and Izzy have delightful chemistry, and they become good friends before they're lovers, which adds a deeper dimension and weight to their eventual romantic relationship. They have an easy, lovely rapport together that I enjoyed *so* much.

The writing is nice, but the plot, especially at the end, tends to be a bit uneven. This is Celeste Bradley's debut book, though, so that's understandable. Still, it's a very nice romance and I had a lot of fun reading it. Will be looking to read more by Celeste Bradley in the future; I recommend this book; it's a good, cozy comfort read. 4.5 stars = A grade.