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The Making of a Gentleman - Shana Galen Started out good, but -- about midway through -- devolved into a sloppy, boring mess. The characters are never well-developed, and the plot drags and drags and drags...

The story is this: Armand was a French aristocrat captured during the French Revolution, when he was 11. He was put in a prison cell and left to rot, growing up with only a pet rat for companionship. Somehow, 12 years later, Armand's brother rescues him and takes him to the family's new home in England (they can't very well go back to France, sadly). Armand, of course, is uncouth and dirty and childish in behavior, having been forced to grow up in a prison cell. He also refuses to talk or be touched. So, the family gets him a tutor. A young, nubile, blonde female tutor. Yeeeaaahhh, I don't know. It's an incredibly flimsy plot, just so you know.

Anyway, the story unfolds from there. Armand is, obviously, hot for sexy teacher, Felicity. There's also some sort of ridiculous spy plot or something about treasure. It's dumb and poorly executed, that's all you need to you know. Also, the chemistry between the two leads starts out strong, but then heads to Lukewarm City because the author never bothers to flesh out the characters. They are superficial; there are no hidden depths or motivations. Everything they feel or think, they express. There is no introspection and nothing to indicate that these characters are anything more than Stock Hero and Heroine #25,8897A, ripped straight from the Harlequin vault of characters. Totally bland, completely generic -- ALL THE CHARACTERS, too. No one had a lickspittle of real, genuine personality.

The writing wasn't awful, though. It was competent. However, the story, characters and plot were sub-par. IF you're looking for a rich, deep story with wonderful characters, though, look elsewhere. 2 stars = D grade.