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Blood and Ice - Robert Masello Ugh. Great, wonderful idea but BAD execution. This story suffered from some serious plot pacing and character problems which made this book a chore to read. When a book is still, on page 300, setting up atmosphere and introductory relationships... Really? I mean, come on. The book could have used some serious editing. I like lush prose as much as the next person (read: quite a bit), but not every single character action and thought needs to be described in meticulous detail. I don't need to know every detail, all the time, of what the character is wearing, their inner thought process, what the wall looks like, the sound of their shoes on the metal hallway...especially when the author keeps repeating the same basic details over and over again.

The characters were completely lackluster, as well. The only thing we get to know about the main character is that he has long, black hair and his girlfriend is in a coma. He has no personality, no family or friends or interests or anything that would make the reader care about him. The couple in the ice are equally poorly drawn; they were stock characters devoid of any real, consistent characterizations.

The writing structure, the actual sentences, were well-constructed, but everything else was utter crap. Pass on this. Total dud. 2 stars = D grade.