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The Legend of the Werestag - Tessa Dare Summary: Cecily and Luke, childhood sweethearts, are reunited at a country house party. Luke has been at war for the past four years and has returned home a different man, determined to push Cecily away for her own good. However, the hunt for the mythical Werestag, a local legend about a half-man / half-beast creature that roams the woods, serves to pull them closer and closer together...

Cute, fluffy. It's very short (83 pages on my Kindle), but a nice fix for romance junkies who like historical romances with paranormal themes. I don't know as I entirely bought Luke's turnaround at the end of the story (he was pretty cruel and resistant to Cecily for most of the story), but such is the nature of novellas. It's so hard, in such a short amount of pages, to write a fully fleshed out, angsty romance. IMO, this is a short, pleasant read -- something to read on your lunch break.