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Lovers and Ladies - Jo Beverley This is not really a review, just my scattered thoughts on finishing the book.

So, I'm not a huge fan of Jo Beverley's heroines. Almost all of them tend to be very...shrill. They think they know best, which is cool, but they often form their opinions on nothing but misguided spite, malice and stupidity, which makes it hard for me to root for them. So it goes with the heroines of this book, a double book comprised of two of Jo Bev's traditional regency stories, I'm left wondering: why would *anyone* want anything to do with these heroines? I'm normally super into the heroines and adore female characters, but...these heroines are so downright cruel to the heroes. For pretty much the dumbest of reasons. There were so many Big Misunderstandings and TSTL moments on the heroines's end (all centered around the steadfast refusal of both heroines to clearly communicate with the hero) that I just eye-rolled my way through most of the book. I was hoping both heroes would catch a clue and just find smarter, more awesome women to love. Alas, it didn't happen. This will be my last Jo Beverley, as she just doesn't write characters or stories that I enjoy.