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The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood DNF. I really enjoyed the beginning, but then when the love story kicked in, I lost interest. I just found the plot and the characters silly, contrived and dated. I could tell this was a romance novel written in the 1980s. The hero is extra Alpha-y with an especially dated "all women are liars and I know this because of my experience with my ex-wife" type of mindset. The heroine is plucky, almost tiresomely so. She often mixes up her words, which leads to frequent misunderstandings in conversations with the hero. I'm pretty sure this was for comedic effect, but I found it gimmicky and annoying. We're also told that she is super talented with fighting and also very intelligent, but this is never evident in her actions. The side plot with the heroine's mother and father is also pretty unbelievable, tbh. It's just poorly written and executed.

So, yeah. I DNF'd this book after about 150 pages and skimmed to the end. I really wanted to like this book, but it's not my cup of tea, sadly. :(